Friday, February 17, 2012

Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation: New Grant Program

To meet the challenges of obesity, the rising incidence of chronic diseases and the aging workforce, BWC has established the Workplace Wellness Grant Program.

The program’s goal is to limit and control the escalating cost of workers’ compensation claims through addressing health risk factors. The secondary goals are to reduce health-care costs for employers, as well as improve the heath of the workforce. 

 Eligibility Requirements:
  • Be a state-fund employer
  • Current on monies owed to BWC
  • Employer does not currently have a wellness program that measures health-risk factors, and
  • Employer must contract with a third party vendor that provides these services.
BWC will provide a total of $15,000 to each employer until the grant funds are not longer available. Employers participating in the grant fund may re-ceive $300 per participating employee over a four year period.
  • Year One: $100
  • Year Two: $75
  • Year Three: $75
  • Year Four: $50
How to apply:
1. Complete all application questions.
2. Take online safety self-assessment
3. Execute the wellness program vendor contract
4. Provide vendor name
5. Submit application, safety assessment, and a copy of the wellness pro-gram vendor to contact
6. Complete and submit baseline data (Health Risk Assessments and Bio-metric Screenings) within 3 months of receiving BWC’s approval to participate in the grant program.
7. Provide receipt documents within three months of receiving grant funds.

Program participants must report data elements to BWC annually, and must submit a year-end case study that explains what they have done to create and implement their workplace wellness program.

Employers must qualify to receive these funds for the entire four-year period. To continue to receive funds for the remaining three years, the employer must complete the prior years requirements, including reporting all requested data elements and submitting the year end case study.

Employers may apply for the workplace wellness grant through an online application available at:

More information regarding the program can be found here:

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